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Recent conferences, new studies, research activity and archaeological discoveries demonstrate an increasing interest towards Roman studies in Greece. The Roman Seminar is an initiative supported by four institutions (German Archaeological Institute, Benaki Museum, National Hellenic Research Foundation - Institute of Historical Research, Swiss School of Archaeology in Greece). It aims to strengthen and advance scientific research and knowledge of Greece’s Roman past. Through a programme of lectures, workshops and other events, it is the Seminar’s ambition to become the starting point for a closer collaboration and exchange of views between archaeologists, ancient historians, epigraphers and other specialists of the Roman period and its various subject-areas.

The purpose of the Roman Seminar is to present new archaeological discoveries, synthetic studies and fresh interpretative approaches related to the society and culture of mainland Greece and the islands during the Roman period. The focus lies in investigating the various developments brought about by the Roman conquest in the poleis and their territories, on a local, regional and provincial level through the combined study of archaeological and written sources. A basic parameter is the comparison between phenomena observed in Greece and developments in other regions of the Roman world. The chronological frame of interest ranges from the 2nd century BC to the late 3rd century AD, without ignoring possible processes of continuity with earlier or later historical periods.

The main thrust of the Roman Seminar is a series of annual lectures held in Greece on a regular basis which will be followed by discussion. The Organizing Committee is responsible for organizing the lectures and deciding on the speakers and the final programme. The lectures are organized either according to specific topics or regions, and can focus on particular types of evidence, as well as on problems regarding their evaluation and interpretation. For the first year of the seminar’s activity, the Organizing Committee of the Seminar has invited several distinguished scholars and researchers to introduce a series of topics of more general interest. Proposals for future lectures can be submitted by those interested directly to the Organizing Committee via e-mail - an abstract of 250 words is required ( Proposals by colleagues working at the Ephorates of the Greek Archaeological Service and Museums, as well as the Greek and Foreign research institutes in Greece, are particularly welcome.

Organizing and Scientific Committee: Francesco Camia (Sapienza University of Rome), Valentina Di Napoli (ESAG), Dimitris Grigoropoulos, Vassilis Evangelidis (Athena Research Center), Dylan Rogers (American School of Classical Studies at Athens), Stavros Vlizos (Ionian University ).

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